Learners Emerge Preparatory provides a nurturing environment that promotes social, cognitive, and physical development that is supported by scientific and researched based instruction. Our specific focus is to teach foundational educational skills that will prepare each learner to emerge as compassionate, competitive scholars in the global market. As life-long learners, students will continue to improve the quality of life for themselves and others.


Learners Emerge Preparatory is an elite learning center that caters to the educational needs of low to middle income families. We help our clients sharpen their ability to compete academically, socially, and economically in the global market by providing the foundation needed to keep pace with their peers. We utilize a scientific method for word decoding and other proven techniques to boost the students’ reading. These techniques ultimately advance the students to a minimum of two (2) developmental stages or reading levels.


Learners Emerge Preparatory was founded by Tiescheka Stuart, a passionate educator with more than 15 years of experience. During this time, she observed many minority students struggle with reading and math, which ultimately placed them at a disadvantage to compete academically, economically and socially in the global market.

Recognizing the students’ need, Learners Emerge Preparatory was established. Tiescheka earned her Master’s Degree in Education from Widener University. Her expertise ranges in areas of general education, special education, post-secondary education and family engagement. She has amassed experience in teaching students with severe learning disabilities and medical complexities.  These subjects include Life Skills, Career Readiness, Financial Planning and Reading. Tiescheka has also a proven ability to engage students while increasing their overall academic performance.


Alaijza is a preschool aide with 10 years of experience in teaching and caring for children from birth to preteen. With a Associates degree in Early Childhood, her experiences enabled her to understand and value the growth of a child. Prior to receiving her degree, Alaijza has been a tutor, nanny, and teacher to children with and without special needs. Her passion and the way she builds connections with both the child and the family the family allows students to be the most successful in furthering their growth and development. Her emphasis on including both the parent and child in the learning process helps further growth, even after she finished a lesson. She utilizes fun activities that incorporate core knowledge and common core standards to engage students, while also reaching key milestones and benchmarks. Alaijza has a proven track record in developing individualized instruction that grows with her students and caters directly to their needs.


Jada Robinson is a passionate educator with 10 years of experience working with students of all ages and needs in and out of the classroom.Teaching and working with children is all about the ability to build connections and maintain trust. If the child trusts you, they feel safer and more comfortable working with you. In turn, they are more eager and willing to learn. She earned her bachelors degree in  Business and Intellectual Disabilities at Cornell University, and received her Master’s in Special Education from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Jada has a proven track record of using strategies and methodologies to support cognitive, physical and social growth and development with her students. Her areas of expertise encompass teaching hospitality etiquette, reading, math, and science to students with mild to severe learning disabilities. Jada utilizes meditation practice in her teachings to combat stresses and anxieties in her students.


With a passion for teaching and mentoring children, Ms. Toi Witcher brings to her special education teaching role a wealth of experience and knowledge. Originally from Upper Marlboro, MD, Ms. Witcher holds a Bachelor of Science in Therapeutic Recreation from Temple University, and a Master of Science in Educational Psychology from George Mason.

Ms. Witcher has long understood the importance of sensory stimulation for children and the value of recreation, gained through practical experience as the former camp director of Parks and Recreation. In addition, Ms. Witcher’s commitment to serving youth is demonstrated through her involvement as a youth and young adult leader at Little David Baptist Church and her co-chair position of the College Admission Process (#CAPsm) committee of Iota Gamma Omega Chapter, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated.

Ms. Witcher thoroughly enjoys working with children with disabilities and watching them grow. Through her occupation and beyond, she has committed her life to inspiring the youth she works with to reach their full potential.

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